Socio-economic inequalities ‘not to blame’ for disproportionality in youth justice system

Socio-economic inequalities cannot be blamed for increasing disproportionality in the youth justice system over the last 10 years, a major new report claims. Read the full article on this link to Children...

Ofsted ‘will not downgrade’ primary schools that do not teach LGBT lessons

The inspectorate’s guidance on Inspecting teaching of the protected characteristics in schools, published on Friday, states that any secondary school not teaching about lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender...

Why is there so much more talk about pub opening times than about shielding?

As fears rise over the spread of coronavirus in Britain, it is remarkable how little ministers are talking about the millions of people who are most at risk. Boris Johnson addressed the nation yesterday about...

Welcome to the Vulnerability 360 website. We want to engage in an exploration of what constitutes vulnerability in its broadest sense and, in doing that, to challenge the predominant assumptions of neo-liberal social policy which sees the poor, the marginalized and the disenfranchised as the architects of their own misfortune.

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The push for online content

This article was first published by British Education Studies Association on July 8th, 2020.  Our BESA Secretary Dr Steve Dixon has found some time away from his day-to-day work as a Senior Lecturer at Newman University; to reflect upon the...

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Just Another Little Lie by Eve Ainsworth

This award willing author has written another affecting novella aimed at a teenage audience that is just as compelling as ‘Because of You’  – a book  we also reviewed on this site . Growing up in the shadow of alcohol addiction is an experience that...

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