Council praised for improvements to services it withdrew from provider

Ofsted inspectors have praised the impact of a council’s decision to bring an externally-commissioned service back under council control. Inspectors said the decision by Wandsworth council to bring its care...

Multisystemic therapy ‘no more effective’ than conventional support, study finds

An intensive family therapy programme, used nationwide to turn around the lives of teenagers involved in antisocial behaviour and on the edge of care, is no more effective than conventional methods...

Don’t blame social workers. It’s the system that’s broken

In the new Channel 4 drama Kiri, the social worker played by Sarah Lancashire is seen being hung out to dry for a decision she makes that leads to a child, who is about to be adopted, being abducted by her...

Welcome to the Vulnerability 360 website. We want to engage in an exploration of what constitutes vulnerability in its broadest sense and, in doing that, to challenge the predominant assumptions of neo-liberal social policy which sees the poor, the marginalized and the disenfranchised as the architects of their own misfortune.

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I Am Thunder by Muhammad Khan

(This review was originally published on the Letterpress Project website) The publication of this first novel by Muhammad Khan, sometime engineer and current secondary school maths teacher, has caused quite a buzz in the world of young adult...

A Review of The Mediterranean by Armin Greder

The Mediterranean by Armin Greder This is one of the most powerful and emotional books about refugees and asylum-seekers that I have ever read. And yet it’s barely 34 pages long and uses only 17 words on a blank page at the beginning of the book:...

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