Social workers: are you aware of foster carers’ full entitlements?

A chartered tax adviser gives advice on the financial help available to foster carers of children with additional needs.
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Being poor is not inevitable or due to personal flaws. I know, I’ve been there

Extreme inequality and poverty is caused by political choices, so we need a new narrative to challenge the stereotypes.
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Austerity blamed for life expectancy stalling for first time in century

Life expectancy has stalled for the first time in more than 100 years and even reversed for the most deprived women in society, according to a landmark review which shows the gap in health inequalities is...

Welcome to the Vulnerability 360 website. We want to engage in an exploration of what constitutes vulnerability in its broadest sense and, in doing that, to challenge the predominant assumptions of neo-liberal social policy which sees the poor, the marginalized and the disenfranchised as the architects of their own misfortune.

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The Street by Ann Petry

Ann Petry (real name Ann Lane) wasn’t an author I’d ever heard of until I read Tayari Jones’ reflections on her and her most successful novel, The Street, in the December 2019 article for The Guardian entitled ‘The Street: the 1940s African...

Up and Down Mum

Parents can be so embarrassing when they behave in unusual ways – I think that most children want them to be conventional and unobtrusive. The Mum in this story is definitely not one to shrink back because, although she is fiercely loved by her...

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