Councils plan £900m of cuts including children’s services and early years

The worst council cuts are still to come, with more than £900m of reductions set to be made next year affecting children’s services, early years, and youth services, the organisation representing county...

I, Pierre Seel, Deported Homosexual: A memoir of Nazi terror by Pierre Seel

If you’ve lived through and witnessed some of the worst things one human being can inflict on another, how is it possible to revisit that time, to analyse or even just describe the depth of horror that you...

DfE drops waiting time target for adoption support decisions

The Department for Education has dropped a target to review applications for support for adopted children within five days due to a high volume of applications. The Adoption Support Fund provides support to...

Welcome to the Vulnerability 360 website. We want to engage in an exploration of what constitutes vulnerability in its broadest sense and, in doing that, to challenge the predominant assumptions of neo-liberal social policy which sees the poor, the marginalized and the disenfranchised as the architects of their own misfortune.

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Sami’s Silver Lining by Cathy Cassidy

  Cathy Cassidy has written many best- selling books and is currently one of the most widely read children’s authors. I am a big fan of the ‘Chocolate Box Girls’ series of books because they would have been exactly the kind of book that I would...

Tomorrow by Nadine Kaadan

It’s a sobering fact that we have become so accustomed to seeing and hearing about war and conflict that we no longer react with the disgust and outrage that the brutality, devastation and dehumanisation merits. In Syria, armed conflict, death...

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