Black pupils ‘more likely to be diagnosed with special needs’

Black pupils are more likely to be identified as having special educational needs, a study has found. The Oxford University study found that black Caribbean pupils, including those with mixed heritage, are twice as likely to be identified as having a social, emotional or mental health need as their white British peers. Black Caribbean and Pakistani pupils are also over-represented in terms of the identification of moderate learning difficulties.
Racism from teachers, a lack of understanding of cultural differences and ineffective classroom management are among possible factors cited in the report behind the over-representation. Another factor could be black pupils being more at risk of developing social, emotional or mental health problems and moderate learning difficulties due to poverty. The research points out that while 14 per cent of white British pupils are eligible for free school meals, the figure rises to 25 per cent for black African pupils, 28 per cent for black Caribbean pupils and 29 per cent for mixed race Caribbean pupils. Read more.

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