Children’s commissioner: Politicians must take child poverty ‘out of the too difficult box’

Children’s commissioner for England Anne Longfield has delivered a stern rebuke to politicians over a lack of action to address child poverty. Read the full article on this link to Children & Young People...

Over-50s who lose jobs much more likely to stay unemployed, study finds

People aged over 50 who lose their jobs are significantly more likely to suffer long-term unemployment than other age groups, analysis has revealed. Older workers who lose their jobs are more than twice as...

A brutal Covid legacy awaits our children. We need the will and ambition to tackle it

Only an event such as wartime evacuation can compare to lockdown. Plans for the young need to meet the challenge
Read the full article on this link to The Guardian

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Reported child-on-child sex offences ‘tip of the iceberg’

Reports of sexual assaults by children on other children are rising, according to police figures seen by BBC Panorama. But those reported cases are only the “tip of the iceberg”, according to one police child abuse expert. Read the full...