Action for Children has published a report looking at how childhoods across the UK have changed since the charity was set up in 1869. Findings from online surveys of 2,082 children aged 11 to 18, 1,559 parents of children aged 11 to 18, and 1,379 grandparents with grandchildren aged 11 to 18 found that: 62% of grandparents, 60% of parents and 34% of children say childhoods are worse today than in the past; 42% of young people and 41% of parents think poor mental health stops children from having a good childhood; and 29% of young people said they were worried about their own mental health, but only 17% of parents and 9% of grandparents thought their children/grandchildren worried about this issue. Action for Children has launched a Choose Childhood campaign calling on the government to commit to a national action plan for children.

Source: Action for Children Date: 09 July 2019

Further information: Choose childhood: building a brighter future for our children (PDF)

Choose Childhood campaign

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