Independent research into the impact of the systematic synthetic phonics government policy on literacy courses at institutions delivering initial teacher education in England

In January 2020, Ofsted published a consultation document on the future inspection of initial teacher education institutions in England. The new policy was announced in June and will be implemented in September 2020.

Our research involved a survey which was completed by 38 academics at ITE providers in England, 10 of whom were interviewed to explore in more detail the findings from the survey. This research is evidence of the current situation. The data was collected before the publication of the Ofsted Consultation document in January 2020, the results of which were announced in June 2020, to be implemented in September 2020. It is clear from the report that Ofsted will further curtail the power of professionals in planning the content of their courses in early reading if they wish their institutions to retain the right to train teachers. Please encourage professionals to read our evidence which is relevant to this policy. NB This applies only to England. Read more.

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