Knife crime 

The British Youth Council’s Youth Select Committee has published a report following an investigation into knife crime in the UK. The report looks at: the government’s strategy to tackle knife crime; the vulnerabilities and circumstances in a young person’s life which may increase their risk of becoming a victim or perpetrator of knife crime; how to help young people at risk of becoming, or who are already involved in knife crime; and what can be done to intervene once a young person has committed a knife crime offence. Findings and recommendations include: inequality within communities and difference in opportunities provided across the country makes some young people particularly vulnerable to the draw of violence and gangs; and the government should develop a plan with clear targets and deadlines aimed at tackling the injustices which make a young person more vulnerable to knife crime.

Read the news story: Knife crime epidemic fuelled by cuts to vital services
Read the report: Our generation’s epidemic: knife crime (PDF)

Source: British Youth Council

Date: 12 February 2020

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