Online safety

EU Kids Online has published a report mapping the online access, practices, skills and current risks and opportunities of internet use among children aged 9–16 from 19 European countries (not including the UK). Findings from data collected between autumn 2017 and summer 2019 from 25,101 children and an earlier survey carried out in 2010 include: there has been a substantial increase in both the proportion of smartphone-using children and the amount of internet use; half of all of the children use social networking sites at least weekly, however half of Spanish children and slightly over 40% of those in France, Germany and Malta never or hardly ever visit a social networking site.

Read the news story: EU Kids Online 2020
Read the report: EU Kids Online 2020: survey results from 19 countries (PDF)

Source: EU Kids Online

Date: 12 February 2020

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