Thousands of children in care being ‘failed by the state’ because of a broken residential care home market

Anne Longfield, Children’s Commissioner for England, has published a set of reports showing how the children’s residential social care system is broken and is failing many of the most vulnerable children, in particular those who are most at risk of falling through gaps in the system and becoming victims of criminal or sexual exploitation. Today’s reports are the start of a series of interventions by the Children’s Commissioner this month on the issue of children’s social care.

The first report, The children who no-one knows what to do with, is the culmination of three years of wide-ranging research into children’s homes. It highlights the issues faced by certain groups of children in care for whom the system is not working, including:

  • The 8,000 children who have three different homes within a single year
  • The 13,000 children who end up in unregulated homes at some point during the year
  • The hundreds of children who need a place in a secure children’s home but cannot get one anywhere in England.

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