Autism Spectrum Disorder and De-escalation Strategies by Steve Brown.


Steve Brown has spent many years working to support children and young people with autism spectrum disorder in all its many manifestations. This book is a straight-talking and often humorous guide to managing the behaviour of children and young people with ASD, and is packed with practical strategies founded on knowledge and skills honed through extensive experience, and conveyed in an authoritative, yet wholly accessible style. The text opens with a clear and detailed explanation of the key features of ASD that takes in the tradition of the triad of impairment, more recently understood sensory issues and impaired theory of mind that explain the often unusual behaviours presented by children and young people with ASD, at the same time taking account of the wide-ranging effects these may have on an individual. In acknowledging the challenges that ASD can present, Brown tackles head-on the thorny issue of physical intervention, providing clear guidance within the legal safeguarding framework. The book is an invaluable resource for parents, practitioners and students.

Chris Collett – March 2015

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