Call to tackle ‘catastrophic’ effect of domestic abuse on children

Children affected by domestic abuse should be given priority for health support and school places, according to a report into the personal and financial cost of their experience. The report by domestic violence charity Hestia and economics charity Pro Bono Economics says that early intervention is needed for this group of children due to the severe effect witnessing violence in their home has on their mental health, schooling and life chances. It estimates that around 500,000 UK children have witnessed severe domestic violence. Of these, between 35,000 to 100,000 are at risk of developing an emotional or behavioural disorder as a result of their experience. This leaves them at greater risk they will become involved in crime, be placed in care, need mental health support as an adult and specialist support in school. In addition, their education is more likely to suffer if they are forced to move areas due to domestic abuse. Read more.

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