Too many tests for no good reason: parents stand against primary school testing

Our latest research demonstrates that the majority of parents disagree with the government’s policy of using SATs and other formal tests to judge primary schools, according to new research. In sharp contrast to the government’s position, parents do not prioritise the data generated by the tests to make decisions about their children’s education and do not believe the current system is a fair way to measure schools. YouGov surveyed 2028 parents of children in state primary schools in England* to investigate their views on the current assessment regime. The resulting report – Too many tests for no good reason – can be downloaded here.

The report’s findings include:

  • Only 4% of parents surveyed are aware of the extent of government testing in primary schools.
  • Only 16% of parents believe it is fair to use SATs and other formal tests to measure a school. Parents would prefer schools to be judged on the happiness of pupils, not test results.
  • Only one in four parents consider SATs results when choosing a primary school – 8th in a list of factors. League tables are ranked 10th.

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