Child abuse

NSPCC Learning has published a report exploring what children know, think, and would do about child abuse as part of the Together for Childhood (TfC) place-based approach. The approach involves local communities and agencies collaborating to help prevent abuse and neglect. The research, carried out across all four TfC sites, used surveys and focus groups with young people in schools and youth groups. Findings show that young people: know more about physical, sexual and online abuse than other forms of child abuse and neglect; sometimes think they are to blame for child abuse; and face challenges when seeking help about abuse and related topics. Recommendations call for support for parents and carers, family, and friends to be able to respond appropriately to concerns about abuse.

Read the report: Young people’s knowledge, attitudes and behaviours: exploring what young people in Together for Childhood know, think and do about child abuse

Source: NSPCC Learning

Date: 09 April 2024

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