Unemployment figures should be millions higher, says research

Millions more people in Britain are without a job than shown by official unemployment figures, according to a study that suggests the jobless rate should be almost three times higher. According to research...

An open letter to teachers from a parent in poverty

For Scotland’s Challenge Poverty Week, one mother tells teachers what they should know about the challenges of her son’s life outside school.
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Back to School: An Unequal Education for Children in Poverty – Buttle UK

As part of their ‘Chances for Children’ grant system Buttle UK surveyed frontline child support workers and found how children of less well-off families face multiple issues in fully accessing the...

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Child poverty

Buttle UK has released findings from a survey of 1,290 child support workers from 616 organisations looking at their experiences of education for children and young people in poverty across the UK. Findings include: 79% of frontline workers report...