New open access research exploring Universities approach to the ‘problem’ of widening participation by Dr Iain Jones

‘Reconceptualizing the ‘problem’ of widening participation in higher education in England’ This article critically analyses national and institutional forms of policy and different conceptions of...

Over-50s who lose jobs much more likely to stay unemployed, study finds

People aged over 50 who lose their jobs are significantly more likely to suffer long-term unemployment than other age groups, analysis has revealed. Older workers who lose their jobs are more than twice as...

Covid: officials underestimated number of rough sleepers in England needing help

National Audit Office said number of people needing shelter was eight times greater than thought.
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Centrepoint has published a report on youth homelessness in the UK. Figures provided by local authorities and devolved administrations show that an estimated 121,000 young people aged between 16 and 24 asked local authorities for help with...