Children in care

Ofsted has published a report examining provision for children with complex needs in children’s homes in England. The report explores the broad use of the term ‘complex needs’ in placement decisions; challenges for local authorities in finding homes for children with complex needs; and why some children’s homes may be unable to support the needs of these children.  The research involved a survey of local authorities and children’s home providers across England, followed by 10 case studies. Findings include: staff use the term ‘children with complex needs’ to describe children who have multiple needs of different types; 91% of local authorities that responded said they frequently have difficulty in finding suitable homes for children with complex needs; and most local authorities reported that children with complex needs are frequently placed out of area.

Read the press release: Children with complex needs can wait years for a stable home  
Read the report:
How local authorities and children’s homes can achieve stability and permanence for children with complex needs

Source: Ofsted

Date: 16 January 2024

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