Early years

The Royal Foundation has published findings from a study of public attitudes towards bringing up children from conception to 5 years across the UK. Findings from face to face surveys and an online survey of 435,141 members of the public include: 24% of participants recognise the specific importance of the 0-5 period for providing lifelong health and happiness; 90% see parental mental health and wellbeing as being critical to a child’s development; 70% of parents say they feel judged by others, almost half of whom feel this negatively impacts their mental health. A follow up online survey of 1,000 parents of 0-5s in October 2020 found that parental loneliness had increased during the pandemic from 38% before to 63% during it, and there has been a rise in the proportion of parents who feel uncomfortable seeking help for how they are feeling from 18% to 34%.

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Read the report: State of the nation: understanding public attitudes to the early years (PDF)


Source: The Royal Foundation

Date: 27 November 2020