Foster care

The Fostering Network has published a report on foster care in the UK in 2021. Findings from a survey of 3,352 foster carers and 99 fostering services include: 53% of foster carer respondents who had been involved in the matching process in the last two years felt they had received enough information about the child; and the most common reason given for unplanned endings to foster placements was that it was at the request of the foster carer. Recommendations include: Governments should introduce information sharing standards to ensure foster carers have the appropriate information to support positive matching; and information about why children move care arrangements must be gathered and shared to ensure lessons are learnt and fed into practice learning.

Read the news story: ‘Don’t fail our young people’: carers and services unite for urgent change to fostering system at risk
Read the report: State of the nation’s foster care 2021

Source: The Fostering Network

Date: 06 December 2021

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