Multi-agency safeguarding

The National Independent Safeguarding Board (NISB) has published a thematic analysis of 33 child practice reviews in Wales in 2023. The review aims to understand reoccurring themes and any challenges in multi-agency safeguarding. Key findings include: two thirds of Child Practice Reviews (CPR) were prompted by a child’s death; a third of CPRs involved a child that was on the Child Protection Register and/or was a looked-after child at any point in the 6 months before the event; and common topics raised by the CPRs included increased whole-family approaches, inclusion of child’s voice and health information sharing. The review calls for regular multi-agency training to help overcome collaboration barriers and enable more proactive responses.

Read the review: Risk, response and review: multi-agency safeguarding

Source: NISB

Date: 02 October 2023

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