Young CSE perpetrators ‘likely to display sustained general criminality’

Young people who sexually exploit children often show signs of general criminality and deviant behaviour, a study has suggested.

 Young people accounted for around 60 per cent of suspected perpetrators identified in the past two years by multi-agency services in the North East of England

Research by the Centre of Expertise on Child Sexual Abuse examined the case histories of 14 young people thought to have engaged in child sexual exploitation (CSE).

It found that all 14 appeared to have attitudes and beliefs that support general criminality and rule breaking with little regard to the needs of others. The study said the findings indicate that adolescent CSE perpetrators “are a very generally deviant group with disinhibited, chaotic and non-boundaried non-sexual behaviours”.

The study said this finding could have significant implications for CSE intervention and prevention work since it may mean it is appropriate to focus on addressing the “criminogenic factors” associated with general offending.

Read the full article on this link to Children and Young People Now

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