Alcohol dependent parents

The DHSC has published an independent report into a government-backed scheme to improve outcomes for children of alcohol-dependent parents in England. The scheme ended in March 2022 and provided funding to support 13 local authorities in innovating and improving systems to support children and families. The report found the scheme: led to timely identification of parents and families impacted by alcohol dependency; delivered improvements in supporting parents and families; and encouraged alcohol-dependent parents to seek treatment. Recommendations include: promoting co-location of adult treatment staff with social care teams; designing services specifically targeted at children affected by parental alcohol misuse; and improving awareness in frontline staff of the impact of parental conflict and how it is different from domestic abuse.

Read the press release: Helping kids and families living with alcohol-dependent parents
Read the report: Evaluation of the Children of Alcohol Dependent Parents programme innovation fund

Source: DHSC

Date: 01 June 2023

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