Asylum seeking children

The Refugee Council, the Helen Bamber Foundation, and the Humans for Rights Network have published a report on the treatment of asylum-seeking children in the UK. A Freedom of Information request was sent to 152 local authorities in England and 115 replied with data. Findings show: over an 18-month period, at least 1,300 children were wrongly assessed to be adults by the Home Office; in 6 months at least 485 children had been wrongly placed in adult accommodation or detention at significant risk. The report raises concerns around the lack of safeguards and highlights the risk of exploitation, abuse and suicidal ideation.

Read the news story: Hundreds of child refugees facing abuse, harassment, exploitation and trauma in adult hotels and detention
Download the report: Forced adulthood: the Home Office’s incorrect determination of age and how this leaves child refugees at risk

Source: Refugee Council, Helen Bamber Foundation, Humans for Rights Network

Date: 22 January 2024

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