Leaving Care – My Journey

Institution to independence I started university at the age of 23 after spending 10 years in care homes and psychiatric hospitals. Throughout those years one of the things that kept me hopeful was my dream to...

How Britain became a shattered nation by Danny Dorling

In this excerpt from his new book, academic Danny Dorling exposes a new geography of inequality and social fissures across the country. Read more.

Decentered Podcast 115 – Don O’Neal and the Lack of Care Act 2014

Podcast where Donald O’Neal discusses the lack of Care in the Care Act 2014. Click here.

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Four Cheers for Paying Tax

The economist Milton Friedman, who many people would cite as the Godfather of Neoliberalism, observed on a number of occasions that tax taken from an individual without their consent amounts to theft by the State. This...