Over-50s who lose jobs much more likely to stay unemployed, study finds

People aged over 50 who lose their jobs are significantly more likely to suffer long-term unemployment than other age groups, analysis has revealed. Older workers who lose their jobs are more than twice as...

Covid: officials underestimated number of rough sleepers in England needing help

National Audit Office said number of people needing shelter was eight times greater than thought.
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DFE launches investigation over ‘woefully inadequate’ free school meals parcels

Campaigners and Labour politicians have criticised “woefully inadequate” food parcels sent to families eligible for free school meals after images of packages were shared online. Read more.

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Cleaning up fast fashion

At the time of writing, the city and suburbs of Leicester were under local lockdown due to a spike in Covid-19 cases, with allegations that this was linked to some garment factories that had not only continued to operate as the pandemic took hold...