Children and young people detained in the secure settings

NHS England has published three reports looking at evidence about the care needs of children and young people placed in secure settings. Findings from a scoping report of secure units (which include secure children’s homes, secure training centres, young offender institutions and secure hospitals) in England, Scotland and Wales include: there are 60 secure units for young people in Great Britain, which are unevenly distributed around the country. Findings from a census of all young people from England in secure settings on 14 September 2016 shows that: 1,322 English young people were detained in a secure placement in Great Britain on that day, of whom 62 were placed in Wales or Scotland. Findings from interviews with professionals and carers include: many respondents felt multiple placements and moves led to young people having difficulty trusting staff and caused feelings of rejection; and respondents were concerned that young people were often placed far from their support systems.

Source: NHS England Date: 05 October 2018

Further information: Secure settings for young people: a national scoping exercise (PDF)

Census of young people in secure settings on 14 September 2016: characteristics, needs and pathways of care (PDF)

Young people’s secure care: Professionals’ and parents’ views of its purpose, placements and practice (PDF)

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