Children and young people’s views

The Children’s Commissioner for England has published findings from The Big Ask survey of children and young people aged 4-17 in England looking at areas including family, community, health and wellbeing, schools and life in care. Responses from 557,077 children and young people show that: 71% of 9-17‑year‑olds and 94% of 6-8‑year‑olds said they were happy with their life overall; 80% of children aged 9-17) were happy or okay with their mental health, but 20% were unhappy, making it the top issue for children; and 80% of 9-17‑year‑olds said they are happy with their family life with 62.5% of children in care or with a social worker in this age group saying they were happy with their family life.

Read the news story: The big answer
Read the report: The big ask: the big answer (PDF)

Source: Children’s Commissioner for England

Date: 21 September 2021

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