Children living in families facing adversity

The NSPCC has published a report summarising information from our helplines on the experiences of children and young people whose parents or carers are affected by domestic abuse, substance misuse and mental health problems. Key findings for 2016/17 include: there were over 15,032 contacts to the NSPCC helpline about children living in families where parents were experiencing domestic abuse, substance misuse and/or mental health problems, and 12,099 Childline counselling sessions where children raised concerns about living in a family facing adversity. The report highlights ways to help children to cope, including: finding an outlet for their emotions; using Childline’s peer support message boards and talking to the professionals who are involved in caring for their parents about their concerns.

Source: NSPCC: Children living in families facing adversity can struggle to access support Date: 30 May 2018

Further information: Children living in families facing adversity: NSPCC helplines report (PDF)

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