Children’s rights

The Children’s Commissioner has published findings from The Big Ambition, a large-scale consultation of children and young people aged 6-18-years-old in England carried out between September 2023 and January 2024. Children were surveyed about family life, health, education, social care, online safety and other aspects of their lives, and asked about their views on how to make children’s lives better. 253,000 survey responses were received with additional focus groups and interviews undertaken with children and adults from groups who were less likely to be able to complete an online survey.  Findings include: 22% of children agreed that the people who run the country listen to what they have to say; 93% of respondents agreed that they live with people who make them ‘feel loved and cared for’; and 75% of respondents agreed they feel safe online. The Children’s Commissioner sets out recommendations for policymakers based on these findings in a separate report.

Access the research: The Big Ambition: ambitions, findings and solutions

Source: Children’s Commissioner for England

Date: 25 March 2024

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