Four out of five social workers think their caseload isn’t manageable

A survey of children’s social workers revealed an average caseload different to the government’s estimates. Less than one in five children’s social workers think their current workload is manageable, a Community Care survey has revealed. The survey of 815 case-holding children’s social workers revealed an average caseload far higher than the government’s experimental figure, how 81% of social workers thinking their current workload isn’t manageable and heard how some social workers don’t see a future for themselves in the profession if this doesn’t improve. Overall, the median average of case-holding social workers among our 815 respondents was 25. This is seven cases higher than the caseload average published by the government in February, which was calculated by dividing the number of cases by 17,850 full-time equivalent case-holding children’s social workers at 30 September 2017. The highest council average in the government’s findings was 26, just one higher than the average found by Community Care’s survey. Read more.

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