Mapping current research into child sexual abuse

The Centre of expertise on child sexual abuse (CSA Centre) has published findings from surveys carried out in 2018 and 2019 looking at research currently being undertaken on child sexual abuse (CSA). Findings from an online questionnaire completed by 68 professionals about 165 research projects include: three fifths (98) of the research studies focused on victims/survivors or those at risk of CSA; one third (58) focused on adult perpetrators; while a small number (8) focused on young people that exhibit harmful sexual behaviour.  Little of the completed research appeared to have been publicly shared. The CSA Centre has also published a blog about the importance of supporting the welfare of those researching child sexual abuse.

Read the news story: Mapping current research into CSA
Read the report: Mapping current research into child sexual abuse: updated survey findings
Read the blog: Researcher welfare

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