Modern slavery: a prism into our world – Kieran Breen

“Although the Covid-19 crisis has caused grim new problems for Leicester’s garment workers, the exploitation detailed in the report is not new. Concerns about working conditions and illegally low pay in Leicester’s factories have been subject to press investigations, and even the focus of government reports. Yet there has been little meaningful action to tackle these issues, or the social and economic inequalities that allow exploitation and poor business practices to take place”.

Meg Lewis, Campaigns Manager at Labour Behind the Label, June 2020

“Two of the UK ‘s most prominent fast fashion retailers have spoken out against working conditions in some Leicester textile factories, which are reportedly preventing the return of overseas manufacturing. They warned that a potential resurgence in the country‘s manufacturing industry, amid a concerted push to fortify domestic output amid Brexit, could be halted due to “sweatshop practices”. Anders Kristiansen, who said earlier this month that UK factories had poorer working conditions than Bangladesh, told The Telegraph it was a “ticking time bomb”.

Retail Gazette, August 2017

Events in Leicester reveal so much about the society we are and the society we need to become. And in particular whether there needs to be better common rules for public and economic behaviour or a free for all. Read more.

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