School-based counselling

The University of Roehampton has published the results of research looking at the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of school-based humanistic counselling. Findings from a trial conducted in 18 secondary schools in London which involved 167 young people using school-based humanistic counselling (along with access to the school’s usual pastoral care provision) and 162 young people who had access to usual pastoral care alone include: those who had participated in counselling reported significantly less psychological distress than those who had not 12 weeks from assessment; and while counselling brought about medium to large improvements on pupils individual goals (feeling more confident, improving their relationships with their parents/carers, or controlling their anger), it had no significant effect on symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Read the research: The effectiveness and cost-effectiveness trial of humanistic counselling in schools (ETHOS)


Source: University of Roehampton

Date: 09 March 2021