Support for migrant child victims of modern slavery

The Department for Education (DfE) and the Home Office (HO) have published a research report looking at how local authorities support and accommodate non-European Economic Area (EEA) migrant children identified as potential victims of modern slavery, including trafficking. Findings from a review of the literature, an online survey of local authorities in England and Wales, and telephone interviews with 28 local authorities and six voluntary sector organsations include: foster care was perceived in the literature and by the majority of interviewed local authority and voluntary sector stakeholders as the most effective placement type, particularly for children under 16; and the majority of local authority stakeholders who took part in interviews reported that there is an under-supply of foster carers who are knowledgeable and trained in understanding the needs of these children and young people.

Source: DfE and HO summary of Support for non-EEA migrant child victims of modern slavery  Date:19 December 2017

Further information: Local authority support for non-EEA migrant child victims of modern slavery: research report (PDF)

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