Disadvantaged and vulnerable parents


The Early Intervention Foundation (EIF) has published a report about how to engage disadvantaged and vulnerable parents in parenting and parental conflict services. Findings, based on a rapid evidence review, include: interventions can lack sensitivity to the needs of disadvantaged groups; multiple communication channels, well-integrated services and a targeted offer are seen as good methods for recruiting parents; and adapting content and delivery, developing a strong therapeutic alliance and removing stigma associated with seeking support can help keep parents involved. Recommendations include: monitoring data should be collected throughout intervention delivery and a focus on workforce skills and capacity is needed. The EIF has also published an updated guide for commissioners on reducing parental conflict and an outcomes framework for addressing parental conflict.

Source: EIF  Date: 04 April 2019

Further information: Commissioner guide: reducing parental conflict

Help us help you: developing an outcomes framework for addressing parental conflict

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